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About Sikhi Items

Shri Guru Gobind Singh ji gave Khalsa a unique, indisputable, and distinct identity symbolized by the wearing of five sikhi items: kesh (long hair), kanga (a comb), kachera (a pair of shorts), kara (a steel bracelet) and kirpan (a sword). The names of these sikhi items begin with the Punjabi letter k and thus came to be known as the five Ks. Sikhi items referred to group of items or objects used by sikhs in daily life.

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Sikhi Items available on our Store

1. Turbans

Turban is an important part of the unique sikh identity and is used to cover the hair (kesh). Turban stands as a spiritual crown, which is a constant reminder to the people that they are loyal to following the Sikh principles. We provide huge collection and variety of Full voile turban, Rubia voile turban , malmal ( f74 ) turban, Supreme voile turban and printed pattern turban. Our store is the only store in the world which provides more than 700 shades of turbans.
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2. Patka

The Patka is basically a small piece of cloth which is tied around the head to cover the hair and keep it in a neat and tidy state. The Patka is also worn by many adult sikhs as an under turban as well. Buy best quality of cotton patka from our online store comfortable, in variety of hues and good fit around the head for kids and adults.

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3. Fifty

A Fifty is a small band of cloth that is visible on your forehead just under the Turban. Once the turban is tied, this piece of cloth becomes visible in the form of a triangle which helps align the turban symmetrically. Check the enormous collection of different types of Fiftiyan at our store. We provide normal Fiftiyan and Patiala shahi Fiftiyan.

View our exclusive Sikh Fifty Collection

4. Nihang Chola

Nihang Chola is traditional dress worn by Sikhs. A chola is an extraordinary type of bana generally worn by Sikh warriors. Blue clothing has been ordained in the Rehat of Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Check our latest collection of nihang chola, which is made of pure cotton soft fabric that make it very comfortable for wearing.

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5. Kara

Kara is the third sikhi items in the five kakars of Sikhism worn on the wrist. Kara is a constant reminder to keep in mind that whatever a person does with their hands has to be in aligned with the advice given by the Guru. Sikh Accessories store present exclusive range of sikh karas at best price with top notch quality.

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6. Kanga

Kanga is a little wooden comb that helps to clean and remove tangles from the hair. It is a symbol of cleanliness and reminds Sikh that their lives should be perfect and tangle free. We provide kanga in variety of sizes, shapes, colors and types of wood. Buy online from our exclusive online store at best price with fast shipping.

View our exclusive Sikh Kanga Collection

7. Kachera

Kachera is the fifth sikhi items in the five kakars. It is a symbol of purity and chasity. The kachera is designed for ease of movement while maintaining modesty. Sikh Accessories online store provides a wide collection of kachera in various colors made of pure cotton fabric at unbeatable pricing.

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8. Hazooria & Khajana

Hazooria is a sash bound around waist to hold weapons and is an essential part of Nihang dress. The Hazooria allows for the drawing of a weapon with one hand. Shop the various types & designs of kamarkasa, hazooria, khajana from our exclusive online store.

View our exclusive Sikh Hazooria & Khajana Collection

9. Gatka Items

Gatka is a unique and inexpensive fighting art developed to defend and display fighting skills and to better exercise self-control. Gatka is an essential part of religious celebrations of sikhs. Check the amazing collection of Gatka items from our exclusive online store.

View our exclusive Sikh Gatka Collection

10. Sarbloh Utensils

Sarbloh is the metal used in the Bata used by Guru Gobind Singh Ji to prepare the Amrit during the Khalsa initiation ceremony in 1699. The Khanda was also made of Sarbloh. To this day all Amrit Sanchars are conducted using a bata and khanda made of sarbloh. Sikh accessories provide wide range of sarbloh utensils with worldwide shipping.

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11. Golden Temple Replica

Golden Temple is the most sacred place in Sikh religion. Sikh Accessories Store provides latest models of Golden Temple Replica which are handmade that represents the distinct identity, glory and heritage of the Sikhs.

View our exclusive Golden Temple Replica Collection

12. Simrana

Simrana is a garland or mala that assists in simran or chanting the name of god. Simrana can have different number of beads. provide simrana or simran mala of different types with worldwide shipping.

View our exclusive Simrana Collection

13. Thatha

A Thatha is a small band of cloth worn by Sikh men around their beard to hold it in place. It is usually worn in the morning for 20-30 mints to set the beard for the entire day. It is generally used to beards after spraying them with hair spray such as Taft, Fixo and with water or oil. Check out sikh Thatha collection from our exclusive online store.

View our exclusive Sikh Thatha Collection

14. Siropa

Siropa is a garment, generally of orange or saffron color offered upon an individual for his commitment to Sikhism or who has accomplished something momentous. We offer wide range of siropa of different colors at our online store.

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15. Sikhi Car Accessory

Sikhi Car hangings keep you remind about sikhism principals and values during travelling. Check out our car hanging collection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces at our online store.

View our exclusive Sikhi Car Hanging Collection

16. Baaj or Salai

Baaj is used to secure loose or short dreads from popping out of the turban and also, to straighten the drapes (Ladh) of the turban. It is an important item for bringing the charm of turban. It is also used for smoothing out the folds (larh) of dastar. There are various ranges of Baaj or Salai available in our website.

View our exclusive Sikh Baaj / Salai Collection

17. Turban Pins

Turban pins are used to tighten up the nodes of last drape (ladh) of turban. It helps to twist from front and it gives the better grace and beak look. Good quality turbans pins are available on our website.

View our exclusive Sikh Turban Pins Collection

18. Beard Brush

Beard Brush is the ideal tool for grooming, shaping and styling beards of all lengths. It also helps distribute oil in a natural and effective way, which makes your grooming products more effective and will help soften and strengthen your beard. On our web store you can find the best beard & moustache brushes available in different sizes.

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19. Beard Fixer

Beard Fixer keeps your beard strong. Beard fixer comes in a spray formulation that holds your beard exactly the way you want it. Beard gel has been specially formulated for Singhs and Beardsmen who love a firm hold for their beard and moustache. Buy a huge collection of Beard fixer online at best prices with fast shipping.

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20. Beard Rubber

The Beard Rubbers are used to tie the beard into a bun. Our exclusive Sikh store provides beard rubbers with worldwide shipping.

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21. Beard Pins

Small Beard Pins are best used with mustache-size beads and for inserting with other pins to create extra grip. Check out our beard pin selection for the very best in unique pieces from our exclusive online store.

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