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Kurta Pajama for Men

Traditional men ethnic wear that are perfect for any formal or semi-formal occasion.

Wedding Turbans

Lavish selection of wedding turbans available in high-quality tissue fabric, elegant hues & stylish designs.


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Maninder Singh

I needed a turban quickly for a last-minute event, and Sikh Accessories Store saved the day. The turban arrived within a few days after I ordered online. It was exactly what I needed and exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and style. My next order will definitely be from Sikh Accessories Store.

Gurbinder Singh

I ordered a turban for my husband, and he loved it. The fabric was soft, and the color was exactly what we wanted. We will definitely be ordering from Sikh Accessories Store again.

Navneet Kaur

I was a bit hesitant to buy turban online, but Sikh Accessories Store made it easy. The selection was great, and the ordering process was simple. My turban arrived quickly, and I was thrilled with the quality. Highly recommend!

Gurjot Singh

I've been wearing turbans for years, and I have to say that the ones I purchased from Sikh Accessories Store are some of the best I've owned. The quality is also excellent, and I will definitely be ordering from them again.

Jaskaran Singh

    About Turbans

    The Punjabi turban style is essentially worn by Sikhs. We suggest a superior quality collection of turbans that satisfies our customers’ requirements. We also present an exclusive range of turbans in diverse colors, designs and patterns. With the help of our knowledgeable professionals, we are capable to assure our clients requirements according to their demand. The cause Sikh people wear turbans is that the Sikh turban is a symbol of their religion and traditions. There aren’t any religious meanings associated with a given turban color. An individual can wear any shade of turban they like. Several colors like orange, blue, and white are traditionally worn during religious celebrations or occasions. The main thing to remember while finding the right turban color for your outfit is that the turban should match your outfit well. Red is generally worn amid weddings.

    5 Steps to Buy Turban Online

    The turban is viewed as a symbol of confidence, respect, sense of pride, valor, spirituality and devotion in Sikh culture. Turban style is thoroughly relying on individual thinking of how he wants his turban to be. He may need a brisk, perfect or complex turban. Distinctive turban styles come additionally rely on the ease of the wearer. While you buying turban, you must keep in mind some points concerning turbans such as quality, length, color etc. Here we present various exclusive characteristic regarding turbans which can assist you for buying best turban.

    Step 1 : Choose quality of Turban

    Full Voile Turban

    Full voile turban is a light weight. This type of Turban is a soft, utter fabric, typically made of 100% cotton and is a regular turban material most Sikhs use.
    View Full Voile Turbans Collection

    Rubia Voile Turban

    Rubia voile turban is a medium weight dense weave. This type of turban is marginally thicker and heavier. People who love to wear heavy turbans usually wear rubia voile turban.
    View Rubia Voile Turbans Collection

    Malmal F74 Turban

    Malmal F74 turban is the slender, ideal and the lightest weighted texture. It is a very lightweight fine fabric and is made out of 100% cotton.
    View Malmal F74  Turbans Collection

    Supreme Voile Turban

    Supreme voile turban is a light weight, really soft in quality and equal weight of malmal turbans. Supreme voile is superior version of malmal turbans.
    View Supreme Voile Turbans Collection

    Designer Printed Turban

    Designer printed turban includes colorful and unique prints. In this type of turban, material is 100% cotton voile, acid free dye (no metallic dyes & fade resistant) & import regulated approved.
    View Designer Printed Turbans Collection

    Step 2: Choose Styles of Turban

    • The Patiala shahi turban suits better on broad faces and sharp features with ethnic characteristics. This turban has a round look with its rear being flat.
    • Dumala turban can be just rolled around the head in circles and Shastars can also be placed on this kind of turban. The difficulty with tying this type of turban is usually in getting the shape right.
    • Other turban is the morni turban which gives very regal look to a person who is wearing this headgear.
    • These all are different styles in which turban can be buying depending upon the person choice. These all turbans come in two by two thread cotton and are best quality vat colors.

    Step 3: Choose Length of Turban

    • Usually people Buy Turban in the length of 5-8 meters, where 2 and 8+ meters are rarely.
    • Dumala turban length is a 9 or more meters.
    • But if you are new to Sikhi and are growing your hair then a 2-3 meter turban will be a good start.
    • Some styles of turban have average 6-8 metres, but can be longer and can also be shorter too.

    Step 4: Choose Color Shades of Turban

    • The Turban cloth comes in every possible color and pattern; however there are four most commonly worn colors which are white, black, blue and orange.
    • Orange and Navy Blue are traditional Sikh Khalsa colors, also worn on days of religious ritual or special remembrance events.
    • A shade of Pink or Red is worn on an exceptional day such as wedding, engagement or to celebrate other real occasions.
    • Black and Navy Blue turbans are more popular with the younger generation and also worn at more formal events. It’s easier to match with clothes.
    • The yellow turbans are related with the progressive development to free India from the British.
    • The punjabi artists wear colorful turbans enhancing the youth.

    Step 5: Secure Website to Buy Turban

    Please keep all the given points in mind, before buying turban from any online website.

    • The website should fully trust and secured with SSL Certificate. Any virus or attack will not be able to damage the website.
    • There should be “https” encryption by installing SSL certificate which must provide secure connection to debit and credit card numbers.
    • SSL certificate should create a secure handshake between website and client device.
    • “https” websites load much faster than http sites and “https” protects websites from cyber attack and hackers.

    We will be happy if Sikh Sangat give us chance to serve.

    Stay Comfortable and Fashionable: Buy Turbans for Everyday Wear

    Being comfortable in your everyday attire can have a significant impact on your mood, productivity, and overall well-being. If you wear uncomfortable clothing or accessories, it can be difficult to concentrate on anything else and even simple tasks can become difficult. That is why it is important to choose headwear that is both comfortable and fashionable.

    At Sikh Accessories, we understands the importance of comfort for everyday wear, which is why we offer a variety of turbans made from high-quality fabrics and designed to provide you with maximum comfort and style. You can find a turbans in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes here. Plus, with the convenience of shopping online, you can browse and buy turbans from our extensive collection whenever you want.

    Buy Turbans with Confidence: Turban Care and Maintenance Tips

    Wearing a turban is a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. In order to maintain its elegance and quality, it must be properly cared for and maintained. The following tips will help you maintain your turbans:

    • Handle with clean hand

      Handle your turbans with clean hands at all times. Prior to touching your turbans, you should ensure that your hands are free of lotion, oils, or dirt. It will help prevent the transfer of any stains or dirt to the fabric as a result.

    • Store in a clean and dry place

      In order to preserve the quality of your turbans, make sure that it is stored in a clean and dry environment. Do not expose it to direct sunlight or heat, as this can cause the color to fade. Avoid hanging your turbans, as this can cause it to stretch out of shape.

    • Clean according to care label

      You should always follow the instructions on the care label when cleaning your turbans. If the care label is missing, gently hand wash it in cold water with a mild detergent, then allow it to air dry. Be careful not to use bleach or harsh chemicals on the fabric, as these can damage it.

    • Iron on low temperature setting

      If you need to iron your turban, use a low temperature setting and cover it with a protective cloth to prevent damage. Make sure you don't use a hot setting, as that can melt or burn the fabric.

    Frequently Asked Questions Before
    Buy Turbans Online

    Are the turbans sold by Sikh Accessories made from high-quality materials?

    Yes, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality turbans that are made from the finest materials. When you buy turbans online from Sikh Accessories, you can rest assured that you are getting a high-quality product that is designed to last.

    Do you ship globally?

    Yes, Sikh Accessories ships globally. We offer affordable shipping rates and fast delivery.

    How do I care for my turban?

    We provide care instructions for turbans on our page to help you maintain their quality and longevity. Make sure to follow the recommended care instructions to keep your turban looking its best.

    If I order a turban online from Sikh Accessories, is there a location restriction?

    No, Sikh Accessories ships worldwide, so you can order a turban from any location.

    What payment methods are accepted when I buy turbans online from Sikh Accessories?

    We accept a variety of payment methods when you buy turbans online from Sikh Accessories, including major credit cards and PayPal. All transactions are processed securely to ensure the safety of your personal and financial information.

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