Rubia Voile Turbans

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Rubia Voile Turbans – Glamour in Every Wrap

Rubia voile turbans are a soft fabric generally made of 100% cotton and a mix of voile and rubia yarn. It is medium or heavy in weight and thicker. Because of its unique blend, it is more durable than other turban materials like full voile and malmal. This turban is a perfect choice for those who prefer to wear heavy turbans.

From bright to neutral colors, there is a large assortment to suit every taste. As we use high-quality material to make turbans, the colors of our turbans won’t fade over time, so you can enjoy your turban for years to come.

To ensure a comfortable fit for wearers, we display various size options with each shade of turban for different head sizes and shapes. You just select your turban size, shop online, and choose from a range of vibrant colors.

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