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Pagri is sacred and beloved to a sardar, it I seen as a symbol of faith, courage, spirituality and pride in sikhs. We established our Sardar Pagri Store to honor that feeling of pride and to provide a sense of home even to those sikh brother who are living away from home. We aim to provide that look of bold, courage and bravery on every sardar living in any part of the world.We launched our very own Sardar Pagri online store to support our brethren and to create awareness about our beautiful religion and its history. Our store provide a wide variety of sardar pagris online and offline in different designs, sizes and colors to match different outfits and to complete you look with a touch of grace. Stitching facility is also available for sardar pagris.

Sikh Accessories is the largest wholesaler and retailer store for sardar pagris worldwide; we have been in this business since 1959. Our unique products can be available to you in any part of the world through our online store. Buy sardar pagri online in wide range of designs and colors for different occasions and festivals. From Full voile pagri, Rubia voile pagri, Malmal (f74) pagri, Supreme voile pagri and printed pattern pagri we offer all at very affordable prices. For having been a part of the business for so long we understand what our consumers expect from us and we do our very best to give them the best possible results when it comes to shopping.Our strength is our customers who have been loyal to us for so many years and for them we have managed to offer 700 unique shades of sardar pagri colors and unrivaled quality so that can show the best version of themselves. Buy sardar pagri online from our online store to avail new offers and choose from a wide array of authentic designs and colors to match your attire.

Leading Sikh Pagris Store

We find completely fortunate to be serving as the largest provider of sikh pagris worldwide. We have been able to provide our products to far off countries through our sikh pagri online store. Our customers have always admired and applauded us for the amazing quality of the fabric and other products as well. We treat our customers as family and provide them with products and services as we would give to our own family members. Products such as fifty, patkas, dumala, turban shampoo etc. are also provided online on our sikh pagri online store to help you accessorize properly and give you the most elegant and graceful look. We offer genuine and affordable prices so that every can afford something and we build trust by providing the best products to our customers.

Famous Styles of Sardar Pagri

If you are looking to know and try different styles of pagris and don’t know where to start, we have the best suggestion for you “Patiala Shahi Pagg”. It is one of the most famous and stunning looking pagri designs you will ever see. Patiala Shahi Pagg is a work of art and it is guaranteed to embrace your look with more grace. It is a historical and famous design that has been a part of sikh religion for a long time. It is very well-suited for broad faces with sharp facial features an it provides that ethnic look. It is one of the most popular and favorite sardar pagri designs worldwide.

Other very famous design is Dumala pagri, it has been worn by sikhs since the Mughal empires to fight against the oppression and tyranny of the Mughal rulers. Dumala refers to two fabrics meaning that the pagri will have two fabrics one to form the base and the other one will be wrapped around the base itself to form the pagri. It is a very sacred design as many sikh gurus have worn Dumala pagris to wars and other religious activities as well. Dumala Pagri style is famous among sardars worldwide and it is also extremely popular.

Another famous sardar pagri design is morni or Amritsari pagg, it is very famous in the region of Majha and has since got the name of Amrtsaripagg. It is a very beautifully tied design and famous freedom fighter Shaheed S.Bhagat Singh Ji can also bee seen wearing the same style of pagri. The style of morni pagg has since reformed and gotten a little more graceful and classier in terms of design. It has become a very popular and widely worn design due to its historical relation and beautiful look.

Sardar Pagri Store Items

We plan on providing sikh communities with more than just pagris, our sardar pagri online store provides different styles of pagris along with other important items that are a part of their lives. From wedding items and accessories to daily use items we wish on making sure any sikh brethren in any part of the world never has trouble finding or purchasing items. We provides one of the largest collections of not only different sikhi items but also the items or accessories that maybe required in festivals or events such as weddings, receptions, shagun etc. Explore our sardar pagri store today and choose from the widest range of products and services.

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