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Care Tips for Your Phulkari Dupatta

The Phulkari dupatta is a precious piece of clothing that should be taken care of properly in order to prolong its life span. Whether you’ve recently acquired a new Phulkari or are considering to Buy Phulkari Online these maintenance tips will help ensure it remains in good condition.

Below we listed some tips that will help you to take good care of the Phulkari for a long time to come.

  1. Keep your Phulkari Dupatta separate from the rest of your clothing to avoid snags or damage in the future.
  2. To preserve the delicate embroidery, hand washes the item gently in cold water to keep it in pristine condition.
  3. Use gentle detergents when washing your clothes so that the vibrant colors do not fade.
  4. Using a cloth over the embroidery to prevent any damage from happening is the ideal way to iron on low heat.
  5. Check for loose threads periodically and mend them as soon as possible.
  6. For best results, keep it away from direct sunlight as much as possible.
  7. If needed, iron your Phulkari dupatta on the reverse side with a cloth in between using a low heat setting to avoid damaging the threads.

Types of Phulkari to Buy Online

Phulkari can be found in different types. There are numerous kinds of phulkari relying on the motifs, explicit attributes, shade of base fabrics and thread. Phulkari embroidery involves designs in floral motifs done in extremely bright colors. It is regarded as very favorable for brides and newborns.

1. Bagh Phulkari

Bagh¬†Phulkari¬†is considered as the grown-up symbol of a Punjabi family. ‚ÄúBAGH‚ÄĚ literally means, ‚Äėgarden of flower.‚Äô The weaving is done so plentifully, that the base is not even visible. Bagh, which literally means garden, is the most prominent form of¬†Phulkari¬†work. Bagh¬†Phulkari¬†is generally considered as a symbol of marriage and is widely used during exceptional events. Unlike¬†Phulkari, Bagh¬†Phulkari¬†needs additional time, more patience, this is the reason Bagh¬†Phulkari¬†is over the top expensive. Bagh¬†Phulkari¬†came into existence in the second half of the 19th century when people became passionate about¬†Phulkari¬†work.

2. Chope Phulkari

Chope Phulkari is generally embroidered on the borders. The Chope Phulkari is weaved straight with two-sided line stitch that appears same on both the side. Unlike Phulkari and Bagh Phulkari where an assortment of hues are utilized, Chope Phulkari is generally weaved with one shading, golden or yellowish golden mostly. It is gifted to the bride by her grandma during a ceremony before wedding. Chope Phulkari is used to wrap the bride after her ritual bath in the wedding ceremonies. It carries lots of emotional value both for the bride and her grandma.

3. Thirma Phulkari

If the¬†Phulkari¬†was embroidered on a white colored base cloth, it was called ‚ÄúThirma‚ÄĚ. It was a symbol of purity. This¬†Phulkari¬†from the north of Punjab is shared by Hindu and Sikh traditions and is appreciated by collectors. It is recognized by its white khaddar. As a symbol of purity, Thirma¬†Phulkari¬†was often worn by elder women and widows but, at times, this choice of color was also made for aesthetic reasons. Brilliant hues were utilized on this sort of¬†phulkari¬†and the white base shading resembled the layout of the pattern. The pat was generally picked in a scope of bright pink to dark red tones. Cluster stitched flowers and wide triangles covering the forehead, chevron darning stitch surfaces were very common Thirma¬†Phulkari¬†designs.

4. Vari Da Bagh Phulkari

Vari means the garments and adornments articles presented to the bride by the groom’s family. In West Punjab, following the birth of a boy, this type of Phulkari was embroidered by the grandmother. This would be later handed to the boy’s bride on their wedding day. Vari da Bagh Phulkari is always made on an orange-reddish khaddar and except for its border and sometimes a small decoration.

5. Darshan Dwar Phulkari

Another type of Phulkari is the Darshan Dwar Bagh Phulkari, which means The Gate from Which One Sees God. A person embroidered this kind of Bagh Phulkari for presenting oneself at a religious place to thank god after a wish has been fulfilled. It was always embroidered on a red colored base cloth. The pillars and the top of the gate were filled with multi-colored triangles and precious stones. Human figures, plants, animals, birds and flower motifs were commonly utilized for this Phulkari. This particular kind of Phulkari was made in east Punjab, a mostly non-Islamic area that allowed for a broad variety of human and animal representations.

6. Bawan Bagh Phulkari

Bawan means fifty two in Punjabi and refers to the mosaic of fifty-two different patterns that decorates this piece. This Bagh Phulkari has fifty two distinctive geometrical designs. The field is subdivided into 42 or 48 rectangles, each containing a different multi colored motif. The Bawan Bagh Phulkari is very rare as only a few women were able to fashion of this type. Each of these patterns was embroidered with a different design made with bright colors. Professionals show their skill and patience with an embroidered Bawan Bagh Phulkari. It shows the versatile talent and creativity of women.

7. Surajmukhi Phulkari

Surajmujkhi, the sunflower, refers to the main pattern of this phulkari. From a specialized perspective this type of phulkari is a very unique. In this Phulkari, the field was embroidered with enormous sized boxes that were partitioned into nine small parts embroidered with various hues. In the centre of every small box, another small box was embroidered with a white thread and a black or red colored outline. It looked like a geometrical pattern. In this type of phulkari main colors are used such as yellow, reddish-orange, pink and gold.

8. Sanchi Phulkari

However, Sanchi¬†Phulkari¬†is hardly seen these days. In this type of¬†Phulkari, motifs were represented from the rural life of Punjab with embroidery. Scenes of everyday life on Sanchi¬†Phulkari¬†include personal effects, such as adornments and family unit objects. It has representations of human figures, men playing dice games, spinning wheels & village scenes. Also include with a black, dark brown or blue background is symmetrically drawn. Here we often see a pattern of five lotus flowers ‚Äď a large, vibrant blossom in the centre, the other four in the corners. Circus images with animals and acrobats are common.

9. Kaudi Bagh Phulkari

Among their patterns, these bagh Phulkari include chains of small white squares representing stylized cowries. The shape of these shells can remind of female genitals and make them become symbols of purity.

10. Meenakari Bagh Phulkari

This bagh Phulkari is usually made of gold and white colored pat. It is decorated with small multi colored lozenges referring to enamel work (meenakari) or to diamond shape of the playing cards.

11. Panchranga Bagh Phulkari

Panchranga means Five Colors; this bagh¬†Phulkari¬†is decorated with chevrons of five different colors. In the same way, similar pieces like Satranga, the ‚ÄėSeven color Bagh‚Äô are also available. The colors represent Punjab- the Land of Rivers.

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