In addition Guru Gobind Singh Ji blessed the Khalsa with the Kangha (small wooden comb) to also maintain and respect the Kesh. The Kangha is kept in the hair knot on the head. It is necessary for keeping the hair neat and tidy. The Kangha is a reminder to maintain cleanliness and keep thoughts pure


Underwear (Kachhera or Kacha) is regarded as a symbol of chastity and honorable character. It is made of cotton and has cord string much like under shorts. Practically it covers the body and ensures a Sikh is always ready and dressed modestly, and allows unembarrassed movement in times of action. It is also easy and comfortable to wear when at rest. it serves as a mark of readiness and agility. Kachhera is cotton underwear with cord string worn much like under shorts.


Sword (Kirpan) is an emblem of truth, justice, courage and adventure. In order to have self-respect, the Khalsa should maintain the means to vindicate his honour. The sword is worn in a strap (Gatra) to be used for the deference of others and not for offence. From the possession of a sword comes the Khalsa Panth to be a brotherhood of arms.


The Kara is a symbol of restraint, gentility & strength, it also reminds the Sikh that he is bonded to the Guru. When a Sikh looks at it, he will think twice before doing an evil deed