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Sikh Accessories is the home for the most authentic and the largest range of sikh turbans online. With a wide range of products and over 700 variations of colors in sikh turbans, we provide an enormous array for our customers to choose from. We feel exceptionally honored to be able to serve as the largest sikh turbans retailer worldwide. Our online and offline store has been serving the people from all over world in providing the items and accessories in Sikhism. Our goal is to provide exceptional quality of Sikh turbans to any sikh brethren in any part of the world with just one tap. We take pride announcing that our sikh turbans are authentic and available at affordable prices in large variety of designs, colors and sizes. Access our Sikh turban online store today and choose from your favorite designs and favorite colors.

Leading Sikh Dastar Store

Sikh Dastar is of extreme spiritual and historical value in Sikh culture. It is seen as a sign of hope, courage, bravery and pride, it was worn by sikh gurus and people of that time looked upon them as a reason of hope against the tyranny of Mughals. The men and women wear sikh dastars to cover their long uncut kesh (hair), and it is worn with pride and honor. We admire the value of pride and honor and are so grateful to be able to provide that feeling even to our sikh brothers who are living outside of India in far of countries. Our goal is to raise awareness about sikh culture and to tell the people of the world how brave, courageous and historical this religion is. We offer over 700 different shades in sikh dastars with exceptional quality to make sure you can choose one that best matches your outfit. Buy sikh turbans online form world’s largest turbans store and gloom with elegant & stunning look.

Famous Styles of Sikh Turbans

Over the years Sikh Turban designs has evolved and yet somehow stayed authentic, there is history behind all famous turban designs and that makes them much more special and unique. From Patiala Shahi pagg, to morni pagg, Wattan vali pag and dumala all these and many more designs are very famous designs of sikh turbans. Buy sikh turbans online in so many different shades with stitching facility.

Patiala Shahi Pagg is perhaps among one of the most widely worn ad popular designs when it comes to Sikh turbans. Once worn and popularized by the king of Patiala himself Maharaja Rajinder Singh, Patiala Shahi Pagg is a symbol of royalty and pride. Many people can be seen wearing this design especially in Patiala region and the nearby cities. Patiala Shahi pagg has a carefree, bold and courageous look much like the king of Patiala himself who was a fierce rider and brave man. Our sikh turbans store will provide you with best shades for your Patiala shahi pagg to be worn in different festivals and functions.

Another very famous style of sikh Turban is Morni pagg, this one is more common in Majha region as there wasn’t much contact with Patiala at that time. Morni Pagg or Amritsari Pagg was famously worn and popularized by one of the greatest freedom fighters in India Shaheed S. Bhagat Singh Ji. Morni pagg has since evolved into more elegant and graceful design and is very popular amongst the sikh religion. Visit our sikh turbans online store to find fitting colors and design of turbans to best match your look.

Superior Sikh Turbans Collection

Sikh Religion is full of ancient history and life lessons taught by our sikh gurus. Turban has become a big symbolism for the remembrance of these lessons and also symbol for pride and hope for many people. Our sikh turbans online store does not only provides turbans but we also provide popular essential items that in sikh religion, we care for our brothers who are living outside in India and may not have an access to these items easily. Which is why our online store provides all items from baaj salai, beard brush, kanga, gatra, fifty, patkias and different variations of turban fabric, all gurudwara items etc. Our aim is to provide it all for our sikh brothers in different countries with help of our sikh turbans online store.

All items used in sikh religion and popular festivals in sikh culture, we provide accessories for them all. Along with that we also provide decorative items, mp3 players for Gurbani path and wedding items as well. From clothes to be worn in a wedding to items used inn wedding functions such as chura, kaleera, kirpan, phulkari suit, dupattas, garvi, jaggo, surmedani, etc. Our sikh turbans online store will provide all items used in every Punjabi wedding functions in different designs and shades to match the look and theme you have chosen.

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